A new challenge!


So Enigma is done, handed in, and I’m feeling fairly confident about it. Hopefully I’ll get good grade to offset my other crap assignments (more on that later). But we’ve already been given our next C++ assignment, which is to write a Chess program! That’s actually quite fun so far, and I always thought that I would enjoy programming games more. Now Chess is quite a way away from a juicy Street Fighter or Starcraft 2 (although the latter has been described as Chess on Steroids – by some dude), but one has to start small. Today’s fun fact – the Unicode alphabet actually has characters for all the chess pieces! ♖♙♘

Also I went to see a movie called ‘Computer Chess‘ last night. I was hoping for some fun and frollics like in ‘King of Kong‘, but it failed spectacularly on that front. I didn’t even learn a kick-ass chess algorithm which was my real motivation for checking this out. I don’t even know what I was watching, I was actually upset for having to sit through it. Time could have been spent more wisely, given all the extra coursework that’s being piled onto us. We currently have 4 courseworks on the go – C++ Chess, Assembly Language(!), Changing Minix Operating System (!!) and finally Prolog (a language that lends itself especially to recursion!!!), the current bane of my existence. So yeah, plenty to keep me entertained for the next weeks before Christmas.