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Welcome to my website! I'm a full stack web developer with a background in digital Visual Effects. You can read more about my transition into Programming in this blog post. Check out my work!

Latest blog posts:

  • New website with GatsbyJS and S3


    It's that time again to redo my website from scratch, this time with GatsbyJS and Contentful. By previously having decoupled the content management with Contentful, I only need to redo the frontend. Having previously used GatsbyJS for the Cinelandmarks project, I decided it's a more modern alternative to Jekyll for creating a static (but dynamic seeming) website.

    Also, the new site is hosted...

  • Transition from VFX to Programming


    Why would someone to give up a reasonably successful career in the glamorous movie industry for the more banal world of code, bugs and databases? Well, I've been meaning to write about my transition from VFX into Programming for quite a while now, so here goes my attempt at answering that question. Like any big decision, there were multiple reasons that influenced it. But let's start at the beginn...

  • Zombietown


    I've been trying to make another game! Rather than think of my own, I've attempted to create a clone of a game I liked: Rebuild2. It's a strategy game where the player has to manage buildings and survivors in a zombie-infested cityscape.

    I've partially been using this project to get to grips with Redux and I'm still struggling a bit, as expanding funct...