An impressive speaker


So this Wednesday, we had Vint Cerf do a talk at Imperial. Honestly I had never heard of him, but was already impressed by his iconic-sounding name. Turns out, Vint Cerf is considered as one of the two fathers of the internet! In his talk he actually said the words “In 1973 we were doing our first designs of the Internet”, which is nuts if you consider the role the internet plays today. He’s won numerous awards and among others and has been the vice president of Google. And he always wear a three piece suit!!

In his talk, he went over a quick history of the internet before theorising about the increased occurrence of black swans in technology. He also spoke about a number of other things, such as Google’s self-driving car, Google glass, putting sensors in his wine bottles, interplanetary internet (internet on Mars more specifically) and designing space ships that could travel to Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to our’s. One of those talks that will make you want to spend hours of researching these things. Definitely one of the highlights of the Imperial talks so far!