So much to explore


So it is now February 2015 and I am looking for a job as a programmer. Progress on that front is slower than I would like, but it also an educational experience. Researching various companies makes me question what I am really interested in. There are so many avenues to explore that it’s hard to focus on any particular one, fearing that others are being neglected.

I am still working on the Physiotherapy database application. I have pretty much completely rewritten it at this point. I have rewritten all base entity classes, using inheritance to summarise similar functionality, which cut the duplicated code drastically. All MySQL queries have been rewritten too, so that no more doubled up data is being stored which was causing bugs in older versions. Furthermore all QTableWidgets have gone out the window and I am now using QTableViews exclusively, making full use of the QT MVC framework. Again this cut out a lot of code that was handling drawing of the tables. I have also made some headway with a tricky UI issue (displaying timeslots in the staff view that had no actual staff attached to it). So in all I am pleased with progress, I just need to wrap it up now and test it properly. This project has taken up the majority of my last 3 months and there is still plenty of work ahead, such as remote access, security and an accounting module. However I will stop working on this full time since there are too many things I would rather investigate.

I am doing an AngularJS tutorial at the moment to explore more web-based programming. As an exercise I would like to make a brainstorming application with HTML5 Canvas. It would be interesting to move the physiotherapy app online. I also need to reimplement the email messaging app from the website. This was previously done in PHP but I want to explore other ways, presumably Node.js from quick googling. Then I need to make a game, either web-based or with Unity. And finally in 2-3 years I can start looking for an actual job… :)